What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is dedicated care focusing on relieving the pain caused by terminal illnesses such as cancer, dementia, heart failure, and more. Hospice care is a particularly helpful choice for people who have an advanced illness or are nearing the end of life and would like to continue living in their current home with the assistance of visiting nurses to help with their medical care.

Who pays for Hospice Care?

Financial concerns should not be a limiting factor in getting the care your loved one deserves. Most hospice patients are eligible for the Medicare/Medi-Cal Hospice Benefit, which may cover up to 100% of hospice services. In addition, most commercial insurance plans have a hospice component written in as well.

Living Experience.


Our medical care is comprised of doctors, nurses, and aids with decades of experience in the field of palliative care. We strive to care for not only the patient's medical needs but the whole family unit so that the you can focus on your loved one.
Caring for each patient as we would our own family.


Our highly trained and experienced social workers, chaplains, and volunteers are available to provide much needed emotional and spiritual support and relief.


A customized care plan will be made for your loved one. The care plan will be established by the case manager in consultation with the doctor based on the patient and family needs. We understand that the patient's needs will change throughout their care and the care plan will be modified as needed.

Let us help make choosing Hospice care less stressful.

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